10 Golf Mental Game Tips To Help You Make Your First Steps

The mental aspect of golf is an often overlooked element of the game. Unless you’re mentally strong and prepared, your muscles won’t react the way you want them. Confidence, focus, clarity, etc. are outcomes of a strong mind. Here are a few tips for golfers to help improve their mental game.

  1. For golfers who are just beginning to master the game playing a round of golf, 9 or 18 holes, might seem an overwhelming task. As a whole, 9 or 18 holes might seem a bit intimidating, but it would be a lot easier if you consider them as a set of individual holes. Forget everything else and focus on playing one hole at a time.
  2. The pre-shot routine – the few seconds before each shot that are so crucial – isn’t the same for each golfer. Players have their own pre-shot routine to help them focus on the shot. If you’ve developed a routine, it isn’t advisable to change it often. Develop a standard routine and use it before you play each stroke.
  3. Negativity and doubt are enemies of a good golf stroke. Once these two mental elements enter the mind, even an experienced player will look like a novice. The few seconds preceding a shot must be fully used to think only about the current stroke. Nothing should enter the mind during that period.
  4. It’s true that no amount of practice will prepare you for the actual game. The difference between the two is the level of pressure on the player during the actual game. You can simulate the golf course experience by self creating the stress and pressure while practicing on the driving range.
  5. To become mentally stronger get creative and practice many different strokes at the practice range. If you want to improve your mental ability and skill level you need to experiment and understand your game better.
  6. The practice session is not less important than the actual game. You need to maintain your mental focus and concentration even during the practice session. Have a plan for each session; keep 2 to 3 objectives in mind before you begin each session.
  7. It’s all about how you train your mind and prepare for the game. Divide the practice sessions into two – One, to experiment and the other to simulate the actual game with pre-shot routine, setup, and swing.
  8. In the experiment stage try out different pre-shot routines, pick different targets, and try multiple clubs.
  9. Challenge yourself by thinking up small competitions like awarding yourself with a treat for consecutively hitting a particular target ‘X’ number of times. The pressure you put on yourself to achieve a goal will help you on the golf course.
  10. After each practice session analyze your performance. This’ll help you become more organized and stay focused on your goals.

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