What To Know About The Layout Of The Vila Sol Golf Course

The Vila Sol golf course features a unique layout with 27 holes featuring 3 levels of difficulty. There are plenty of plush green grass areas but also an abundance of trees throughout the courses. There are a few slopes and ponds throughout the area as well as wide fairways to send your next ball flying. There are a few bunkers to watch out for, but other than that it is easy to see why this course is one of few considered to be a leading golf course.

Course Features Levels of Difficulty

The Vila Sol golf course is unique in design because it features 3 levels of play: the Prime loop, the Prestige loop and the Challenge loop. The Prime loop is considered the easiest out of all three levels. The Prestige loop features short narrow fairways which tests players on their accuracy skills. The Challenge loop is the most difficult of the three. It features hills and slopes that really force players to concentrate and use their best techniques. Guests who have played in each area have their favorite holes with some being more of an obstacle than they thought. Overall, a large number of players recommend golfers to visit and see for themselves.

Experts Describe Fairways as “Perfect”

It is one thing to see pictures of the course and admire the greens from afar. A number of reviews mention how well the greens are maintained. There are numerous fairways that look great in pictures and look just as good in person. They look inviting and calm, but you never know what you are up for until you take your spot on the green to get ready for your shot. Not only are the fairways nice to look at but the maintenance makes the greens good for the ball and how it moves.

Bunkers Differ in Depth

Changes in bunker depth create more challenges for players. A number of players have mentioned how much they enjoyed playing at certain bunkers. It is one thing to look at one and think about how you would handle the shot. Yet, some players find them more challenging when they actually play from it. The differences in depth offer challenges some players have yet to experience. Others admitted they got a little frustrated but they still enjoyed their time on the course.

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