Essential Information That You Need To Know About Golf Game

Even before you set foot on the golf course for the first time, it’s important you know the essentials of the golf game. The various tutorials and articles online might just overwhelm you with information. It’s perfectly all right, as a beginner, you’re confused as to where to start. We want to make life easy for you. The following points contain essential information that’ll help you understand the golf game better.

  • Beginners and pros understand and approach the game differently. For the newbie, golf is all about technique. A good understanding of the fundamentals is the key to success. Beginners spend much time and effort mastering the rudiments of the game. But, in truth, success depends on five factors – the five pillars of the game.

  • The five pillars of golf are technique, strategy, mental element, physical fitness, and the dynamics of the swing. The mental element of the game includes focus, confidence, and the ability to handle pressure. Like baseball or football, golf isn’t a very active physical game, but flexibility and fitness play a supporting role to technique and also help improve the mental aspect of the game.

  • When you’re new to the game the lingo used by golfers might puzzle you. Though you’ll pick up the golf language by spending time at a golf club, here are few terms that you’ll often hear during discussions. The term ‘Par’ means the number of golf strokes required by an expert golfer to complete a hole. Ace is referred to a hole in one; a birdie means completing a hole a stroke under par. Then again if you take one extra shot over par the term bogey is used. Finishing the hole two shots under par is called eagle, whereas three shots under par is known as a double eagle or albatross.

  • On certain occasions, players are penalized for making mistakes. The scoring guide for some of the errors is as follows. Players are handed a two-shot penalty for hitting ‘out of bounds’. In the case of ‘unplayable lies’, one stroke penalty is given and the ball is positioned a couple club lengths from the spot from which the ball was played. Landing the ball into a water hazard will cost the player one stroke and you can place the ball on the spot where the ball crosses the boundary of the water hazard. For lateral water hazard, mistake players get a one-stroke penalty and the ball is played from its original spot.

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