Chipping From The Collar – 7 Helpful Hints For Rookies

Imagine that you are facing a tricky situation. The ball landed neither inside the green nor completely out of it. Suppose, the ball is sitting on the collar of the green, how do you, still a rookie golfer, get out of this situation? Your best option would be to play the chip from the collar. Though, by no stretch of imagination could the chip from the collar be described as an impossible to play stroke, to execute it masterfully, again and again, you need to know how to play it properly. We’re here to help you with a few helpful hints.

  1. As a rookie, the first mistake that you would make is to choose the wrong club. Chipping from the collar is not something you come across often, so there is a good chance that your lack of experience is forcing you to make such a mistake. We would suggest using 8-iron, 9-iron, a putter, or a high-loft wedge. Use of high-loft wedge is most recommended in case of a thick collar.

  2. If you’re using a high-loft wedge the ball will go high in the air and fall close to the hole with very little bounce. Prefer a wedge with a lower loft for a short chip shot and an ultra lob wedge for a longer one.

  3. A putter too will do a fairly good job in case the distance from the ball to the target is not too much. Keep in mind that the distance the ball has to travel dictates how you use the putter. Accelerate through the ball to make it travel longer distance or take a restricted swing to just chip the ball onto the green.

  4. To achieve a steeper stroke with a putter place the ball well back in your stance. Let the ball be positioned in line with your trailing foot. Grip the putter a couple of inches lower than the usual position. This will put the hands ahead of the head, thereby creating a more lofted shot.

  5. Another great technique for chipping from the collar is to attempt the bellied sand wedge. Use the same putter stance and grip the sand wedge lower. The edge of the wedge must be close to the equator of the ball. From this position strike the ball up.

  6. Irrespective of the type of club you use make sure the follow-through of your swing is straight for the chip shot. You’ll need plenty of practice to get the follow-through right.

  7. There is an easy solution for this tricky stroke. As a rookie you need all the help you can get. Modern clubs like the Hybrid Chippers are specially designed to help golf beginners play the chip shot around the green without fear.

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