Golf Pot Bunker Shot Explained: 5 Common Mistakes

The golf pot bunker can be a tricky play even for seasoned players. The pot bunker is known for its unique shape as a sand bunker. It can actually be a deeper more circular type of sand bunker than you are used to. It is known to have higher or steeper walls while being deep at the bottom. This means you really need to be creative and strategic in trying to get the ball out of the bunker. It may seem easy enough but there are elements you need to consider since many players don’t play this shot too often. Golfers often suggest this is a shot you want to avoid as often as possible. Here is a review of common problems experienced by golfers.

  1. Lack of balance or stable base. Many players don’t dig feet into sand deep enough or they don’t bother. Allowing yourself good balance is important and it lets you take a better swing shot. Make sure your feet are stable so you can be more forceful with your swing to make contact and get the ball up and over.
  2. Failing to keep clubface open at address. A sand or lob wedge can be used to make the shot and it should be open to create better loft so it can come up over the edge. A sand wedge may be the best option due to the angle of the club head along with the ball bounce ability on the club face.
  3. Lack of hinging of the wrist. Players may not realize how the club moves through the shot and how hinging of the wrists can make a difference. This aspect should occur early in the swing or somewhere around when you get to the top of the backswing.
  4. Not hitting behind the ball sharp enough. The clubface should remain open while swinging and for some it may become closed as they follow through. Being sharp behind the ball means keeping your form as you follow through. If you started off with your clubface open it should remain open after ball contact was made and as you follow through.
  5. Lack of speed. Sometimes good speed with aggression is necessary. This means to keep your speed quick but establish contact and do so with assertiveness. The element of speed can actually help in getting the ball up and through.

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