How To Achieve A Good Swing Off The Tee – Golf Tutorial

Achieving a good swing off the tee on the first try may seem impossible but it can be done with practice and preparation. When it comes down to it you need to pay attention to how you approach the shot. Have the right iron in hand with proper grip. Have an idea of where you want the ball to go. Take a few practice swings before stepping up to the ball. Be realistic with where you want the ball to go. Here are other tips to keep in mind when trying to achieve a good swing off the tee on your first try.

Have Good Posture

A good swing off the tee on the first try includes having good posture. This means you need to pay attention to how you setup for the shot and how your body is positioned over the ball. When thinking about good posture consider aspects of how you approach the ball. Think about your back, shoulder and arm positioning.

Know Ingredients of a Good Setup

A good setup goes hand in hand with good posture. Think about how your feet, hips, shoulders and your hands should be positioned. You should have a good grip that is not too tight and free of tension. Think about how the clubhead moves across the swing path when doing practice swings. Pay attention to where you want the ball to go and how your swing technique plays out with your setup position.

Be Sure to Follow Through the Swing

One aspect many golfers may not do is to follow through when making their swing. Following through ensures the ball stays on its intended path. It helps the player make a complete swing that is likely to have a positive impact on how the ball moves on the green. As you swing through this also helps guide the ball to its target.

Practice before Taking the Shot

This is an easy tip to remember but can be done on different levels. You can take practice swings before arriving on the course in your backyard or at home. Practice mechanics of the swing and your setup technique. When on the green right before your shot take a few practice swings to help warm up and get a better idea of what you will do when taking the shot.

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