Advantages Of Selecting Comfortable Penina Golf Apartments

Marching to the beat of your own drum

While 90% of golfers stay at a hotel during their golfing break, there is a small but growing group of players who are opting to stay in golf apartments.

The golf apartments in Penina are located near the fairway of the 13th hole of the Cotton designed Championship Course. The Championship is the crown jewel of the three courses at the Penina golf resort. There are roughly 24 apartments to choose from and all have two, three or four beds.

Here are some advantages of thinking outside the box and choosing to stay in golf apartments (specifically in Penina)

Large Groups and Numbers

Large groups of golfers often prefer to stay in because everybody can stay together and live in what constitutes a "home away from home". While saying in hotels, groups will often find themselves split on different floors.

Hotel rooms tend vary more in size and while some golfers may be willing to stay in a smaller room for a few days while they spend all their waking hours a the golf course, for a longer stay they would be more comfortable in a spacious apartment. If you are considering staying in Penina for longer than a week, you can increase your comfort levels significantly by staying in one of the on-site apartments.


If you don't want to be near the action of the 13th fairway (don’t worry, stray shots won’t find their way into your front rooms) you can always rent an apartment closer towards the village of Alvor. Remember however that you will be dealing with private owners and not with Penina as you will with the resort apartments.


All of the Penina golf apartments come with fully-equipped kitchens, wash rooms and dryers. For those who want to feel like they are still at home with the whole family chipping in to help with the dinner and the cleaning, this do-everything-yourself arrangement is ideal. However don't get the idea that you'll be left on your own - you will have site managers nearby and cleaners to clean the apartments.

Parties and playing the host

For socializing, the Private pool gets a lot of use as well as the large balconies. With tables and barbecue sets there, you can do a lot more on these than on the hotel room balconies.

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