Conquering The Salgados Golf Course: A Quick Guide

Salgados Golf Course is a beautiful course located near Albufeira. The Natural Wildlife Reserve protects the area as well as gives an authentic Portuguese feel to the place. The golfers can have a unique experience in the course since the place provides food, water and shelter to numerous species, some of which are almost extinct. A beach at walking distance from the course is an added pleasure. Hence, you can also enjoy the view of the sea from the course. The proximity of the lakes and the sea makes the course a very interesting test of the skills of golfers. This feature gives uniqueness to the course. The links is spread over 6,000 meters and a brief introduction to the sea breeze compels the golfers to use all the skills they have to arrive at the greens. You must have a driving accuracy to achieve good scores. All these features make the course a pleasant experience for the golfers, particularly the ones who are technically skilled.

The self sufficient resort that encompasses Salgados features a wide range of leisure facilities which includes a spa, health club, swimming pool, kids club, tennis, restaurants and outdoor pools.

Layout of the course

The Salgados golf course encompasses 18 holes which are very well balanced. Each half portion of the fairways has two par 5 holes, which are approximately 500 meters in area and there are two par 3 holes which are spread in more than 170 meters.

The course was renovated in 2012 under the guidance of Alvaro Mano, who is a well known landscape architect. The 18 holes were restructured and at least a thousand olive trees were planted so that they can be reinforced as a characteristic of the links.

The beauty of the course

It would not be unfair to say that the Salgados is comparable to the links courses since it is laid on relatively flat land at the back of a sandy beach. The water hazards and fairly open environment also have the added advantage of great climate of Algarve.

The course is no doubt a place worth visiting at least once when you are visiting Albufeira. The town itself is a beauty and this mesmerizing course in the lap of a Wildlife Reserve makes it an ultimate beauty. You would not be disappointed with the facilities provided by the course and the resort.

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