Mastering the 50-Yard Bunker Shot: A Quick Guide

The 50-yard dugout or Bunker shot is the Golf's Toughest Bunker Shots arrangement and here is a piece advice on how to play such golf arrangement. The propensity for any beginner on this shot is to either hit a sand's lot or insufficient as there's significantly less edge for mistake contrasted with a standard dugout shot. This is because of having a comparative set up to a chip, you would hit off the fairway. Here are a few tips for such shots.

Step 1: Open Body and Close Face

Firstly, at set up, you need your feet somewhat open with around 70% of your weight supporting your left foot, if playing as a privilege hander. This will diminish the possibility of getting to much sand amid effect. Uncommonly for a fortification shot, you need the clubface to be square of the objective and your hands pushed forward keeping in mind the end goal to get the separation required to achieve the pin.

Step 2: Connect with sand an inch before the ball

The most essential piece of this shot is attempting to get an impeccable contact with the golf ball as diminishing it is a genuine probability. At set up, position your clubface at the focal point of the ball, this will assist you with conveying the club just underneath the ball at effect as opposed to snatching an excessive amount of sand. When you're in the shelter on the course you can't draw these lines yet rather picture them when playing the shot. At the point when rehearsing the 50 yard dugout or Bunker Shot, attract a line the sand and attempt to hit on it or past it inevitably, this will get you in the propensity for better ball striking.

Step 3: Steep Angle for Contact

When playing the long fortification shot, the backswing for the most part doesn't have to turn past the vertical yellow line. This gives you more control amid effect. Likewise recollect to attempt and keep your left arm as straight as you can as this gives you a more reliable swing way which is key for such a specialized shot. Have a standard flex of your legs during your downswing and hit the ball with purpose yet do not attempt and pound it as most novices do. The more easily you hit the ball, the more will be the positivity in the result.

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