Useful Advice On How To Eliminate Your Driving Faults

Make your approach shorter and drive longer

Golf is a game, where you can achieve the desired low scores even without executing a perfect swing every time you play a shot. However, when you correct certain faults in your shots, you can get results beyond your imagination. Driving, wedging and putting are three important areas, which need particular attention to land your ball right into the hole.

Driving especially is very much needed for continuous low scores. The accurate and longer your drives are, the shorter will be your approaches to the green. Here are some common driving faults and the ways to eliminate them.

  1. High loft
  2. Many players try to drive their shot even before the swing has started or worse even before the beginning of the round. In addition, mostly they believe that the driver should have only about 9 degrees of loft.

    However, a loft degree of 11 or 12 would work better in their favor. The higher the loft the better is the backspin. With more backspin, you get less sidespin, and slice and hook too. Further, the launch would be optimal with a driver of high loft. Moreover, make sure the shaft has a softer flex for a successful drive.

  3. Level shoulders
  4. Having your shoulders in level position, when you downswing, will make you unable to get an inward-out direction, which is needed for a proper golf swing. This happens even if the rotation quality is good.

    To correct this fault, the left shoulder should rock up with a slight rotation, while the right one should move underneath the chin, while you begin impact and stay so until the end of the shot.

  5. Lower body pivot
  6. Although pivot of lower body is needed for a powerful hit, this portion of the body does not give you the speed and power, which is provided by your hands. Hence, you should use them properly.

    To get this right, you should propel your club by your hand movement and let your body support the movement. Instead of wide stance, keeping feet together produces better and easier swing shot.

  7. Shoulder turn and parallel shaft
  8. Contrary to what you see on the video guides, a massive turn of your shoulder or using a top parallel shaft is not necessary. You need to move your body in such a way that you retain total club head control.

    To accomplish this, rotate shoulders, chest and arm to a stop at which you are comfortable. With your hands leading, the left shoulder should be over right thigh. When this is achieved, you unwind the rotation with the hands in leading movement.

In general, to achieve a good swing, the left shoulder should be under the chin, when you backswing and the right should under your chin during downswing.

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