Fail-Safe Method To Escape The Rough On A Golf Course

One of the worst outcomes of any golf shot is the ball landing in a deep rough. It can be easily said that you’re being punished for an inaccurate golf stroke on a fairway. Anyways, if damage is already done – you’ve found the rough, then without wasting multiple strokes trying to get the ball off the rough, use the following method mentioned below to escape the rough in one stroke.

  • Obviously, the ball finding a deep rough has slowed you down and the ball has lost some distance. To compensate, carry an extra club with you. The decision on the type of club to take with you must depend on loft you want to achieve. To escape from the rough any club won’t do, you need something with higher loft to get the ball off the thick rough. The ideal clubs for thick grass would be 5-iron or lower, anything longer won’t be of much use to you.
  • If the ball has a fair distance to travel from the rough or you’ve the opportunity to get the ball rolling on the green with the shot, then select either fairway wood or a hybrid club. The two club options mentioned here are designed to slide through the long grass of the deep rough with ease.
  • The less the club head touches the grass the better. To make this happen place the ball in the center (i.e.) equal distance from the leading and trailing foot. Now, move an inch or two closer to the ball. By adopting this closer to the ball set-up you’re making sure you use a steeper swing with minimum contact with the grass.
  • Even though you strive to play a normal shot, the grass will have some effect on the club. Time and again we’ve seen on the downswing the club hitting the grass, and changing direction. Usually, the club face turns left on contact with the grass. To counter this you can aim to hit the ball right of the target (in case of the right-handed players), not extreme right, but slightly to the right of the intended spot. Lefties should aim slightly to the left.
  • To get the ball off the rough you need higher loft, yet equally important is the power to give the ball some momentum to reach its intended target. A good way to add momentum to the swing is by hinging the wrist on the backswing. This cocking of the wrists will also help you with the steep swing.

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