How to Find a Great Deal if You Want to Buy a Wedge Set

If you ensure that you have proper set of wedges in your golf bag, you can dramatically improve your scores. Moreover, if you have the right type and number of wedges, you can hit the ball closer and that too more often. You need to keep these factors in mind before you head out to the best golf shop in market:


The loft of a wedge is measured according to the angles of clubface and in degrees. You need to choose the loft which will assist you in hitting nearer to the pin from the most common yardage of approach. You will ideally have a difference of 4 to 5° in loft of each wedge you see. Refer to the following list:

  • Pitching wedge: 46 to 48°
  • Approach/ Gap wedge: 51 to 53°
  • Sand wedge: 54 to 58°
  • Lob wedge: 58 to 60°


It implies the angle that sole forms with the ground. The wedge clubs which have a higher bounce usually perform better on high or fluffy grass. And those with lower bounce perform better on the golf course with thin bunkers and tight lies. Bounce enables the club head to pop out of the sand and rough without any hitch. For example, on a sand wedge, you will find the trailing edge hanging underneath the leading edge. You can grab a golf club and keep it in the position of address. You will find a gap between the leading edge of the club and the ground.

The higher the space, the higher is the angle of bounce. The maximum bounce you will find on a wedge is approximately 18°. However, it can go lowest to 2°. If you use a wedge with the correct combination of loft and bounce according to the kind of course you play at and the kind of swing you take, you can make a huge difference to the short game and hence lower your score. You must buy the wedges with a bounce according to the course you play at:

  • Above 14° (High bounce) for deep rough, fluffy sand and tall grass
  • 10°-14° (Standard bounce) for soft to normal conditions and for those players who tend to leave shallow divots
  • 0-10° (low bounce) for fairway shots, tight lies, compacted and tight sand.

Wedge finish

Among a huge variety of wedge models, you will find them in the shops in different finishes like chrome, nickel, beryllium, rusty, copper, oil can, raw, etc. The finish of the wedge matters only in the sense of looks. However, there are some practical exceptions:

  1. The wedges with dull finish do not reflect much sunlight, which can be off-putting sometimes.
  2. Wedges with oil can or raw finish are particularly produced to rust overtime. The abrasive surface of the rusted wedge gives more spin to the golf ball.

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