Useful Recommendations On How To Improve Golf Stance

Your golf swing begins from the ground and it all begins with your stance. If you get the stance wrong, you are fighting an uphill battle from there on to get the swing right.

Remember that your golf stance is a stationary position so there is no excuse for getting it wrong - there are no moving pieces so practice to get it perfect no matter how long it takes. Golf teachers say that 90% of bad golf shots originate at the stance so you can eliminate a lot of your bad shots in the beginning.

In this article, we will cover the fundamentals of the golf stance and how to get them right:

  1. Width
  2. Your stance will get wider as you use the longer clubs such as a driver or three wood. Width also depends on comfort so that you are not either swaying from a stance that is too wide, or falling over from a stance that is too narrow. You can find your perfect stance width by "walking into your stance". What you do is walk normally, stop and turn 90 degrees to your right and you will find a natural width stance.

  3. Ball position
  4. Make sure the ball is placed opposite your left heel when you play the longer clubs (driver, woods and longer irons) and move it gradually further back, as the club gets shorter.

    To get your ball position right, start with your feet together when you address the ball. First, move your left foot to get the ball position right and then move your right foot to get the width right.

  5. Balance
  6. Get on the balls of your feet and ensure that you are "centered". You can find your center by rocking backwards and forwards between your toes and heels until you find the balls of your feet.

  7. Alignment
  8. If you don't get your alignment right, you can be punished for a great shot. You could hit the straightest shot of your life, but if you are aimed incorrectly you could plunk your ball in the water.

    To get your alignment right, just lay two clubs down on the ground - one at your toe line and the other outside the ball, this will create an imaginary "train track" aimed at the flag.

Remember, practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent. Get your golf swing off to the best start by practicing the perfect set up.

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