The Key to a Smooth Takeaway: A Simple Golf Instruction

You must have heard of having a correct “takeaway in golf”. But, some of you might wonder what a “takeaway” is. Well, it just means to have a correct turn of your shoulder. It is very crucial to have a smooth takeaway because it will determine whether you will be able to make a decent backswing or not.

It begins with backswing, and the backswing begins with a takeaway. The great golfer Jack Nicklaus regards takeaway as the most decisive 18 inches in the swing. He realizes that the beginning of a swing sets the club appropriately on the apex of backswing. In contrast, if you begin the swing in a wrong manner, may force many extra movements and compensations throughout the remaining swing. And these movements usually make the contact poor. You can go through these tips to ensure that you make a great swing.

Low and slow

This is the most common expressions that are used to depict golf swing. It means that you should use your bigger muscles to begin the swing, which is initiated by your left shoulder. Most golfers start the swing by grabbing the club back or sometimes by picking up the club. But, they commit mistakes when the wrists or hands begin the initial movement. You can carry the club back by using the shoulders and torso, not the forearms and wrists.

Now, you must continue the swing with keeping the movement of the club head as low down as possible. You must also keep your hands low while you start the backswing with the club. A slow and smooth tempo will set up the appropriate series of movements that follow. Remember to keep your still as you move the club back.

Keep a note of these three things

  • Your grip positions to the buckle of your belt
  • You must keep a proper address because it can rectify the mistakes much before they take place. The height of your hands is important. If you keep them too low, your wrists will tilt the club upwards very steeply. On the contrary, if you keep them too high, your forearms may turn around the club inside too far. To make sure that your hands are at the correct height, the club’s butt should point to the buckle of your belt at the address.

  • Clubface should point at the ball
  • While you are attempting for a smooth takeaway, your arms and hands must sway the club head upwards around the same area that the club’s shaft creates during the address. It is useful to check that the clubface must point at the ball while you sway the club rightwards. This will eliminate two general mistakes: fanning your clubface in a manner that it tips towards the sky, and clutching it closed such that it tips down towards the ground. Both these mistakes are not good for a smooth takeaway.

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