The Best Drills For Those Who Want To Become Professional Golfers

Golfers trying to become a professional have only limited time on their hands. It’s very important to make good use of the limited time available or you’ll be at a disadvantage. If the current drill is taking too much of your time, yet not making you a better player, then it’s time to change the drill. Below given are useful drills to help you become a professional golfer.

Be mindful

Every minute you spend and everything you do must have a purpose. Keep this is mind when you practice at a driving range. There are many golfers who hit ball after ball at the driving range without even being aware of what they are doing. When you practice like this, instead of your mind the muscles control the club. It’s difficult to improve your game if there is no link between your mind and the muscle. Instead of mechanically hitting a hundred balls, hit one conscious drive. Go through the pre-shot routine, setup and address the ball, and while swinging the club feel the swing.

Focus on one technique at a time

Working on too many aspects of the game at the same time is not an effective method; instead focus on just one technique per practice session. We think an effective plan with proper time schedule is essential to become a good golfer. Prepare a practice chart listing the different types of golf techniques along with the practice time, duration, and comments section. After each session you comment on the progress made and prepare a set of points for the next session.

Visualize a game

Practicing on a golf course you don’t have a goal or challenge; practicing in such conditions could slow your progress. Before teeing off, visualize the whole course. Assume you’re playing a competitive game on a course you know very well. Emulate a real game except putting, for the time being avoid the greens. Now, play the game; use the driver off the tee, follow it up with an iron, then the wedge, until you reach the collar of the green. This drill will improve your visualization capability and random club playing skills.

Chipping drill

To become the master of chip shot take 5 balls to the practicing green, position the ball in a row at a fair distance from the pin. Now, visualize an imaginary circle around the pin and try to chip the ball inside the circle. Repeat the drill till all 5 balls are hit inside the circle consecutively. Once you master the drill, practice with a smaller circle and finally try chipping the ball into the pin. You can devise similar drills for putt, lob, and pitch shots.

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