Step-By-Step Instruction On How To Perform A Lob Shot

A flop shot, also known as a lob shot, is particularly a pitch shot, which the golfer plays in order to ascend the golf ball steeply, make it travel a short distance and then descend steeply. It would then hit the green and stop with a minor roll.

Golfers play lob shots when they require stopping the golf ball quickly on the pitch shot. One such instance for a lob shot would be, when you hit a golf ball out of the rough to a position of short side pin. Also, when you require getting the golf ball up quickly over an obstacle or hazard between the green and you, you take this shot.

Club used to play a lob shot

You must you a high-lofted wedge to play a lob shot. The most common club used is the lob wedge, which has got its name due to the shot itself. It has a loft of typically 60-64 degrees. You can refer to a lob shot as a flop shot or vice versa. Both are correct- the names are used interchangeably depending upon the region.

How to play a lob shot?

You need to know the correct method to hit a lob shot. Let us see how:

  • Set the angle
  • When you need to hit a pitch which flies very high and stops quickly, you might freak out or panic because you did not practice this shot very often. Let us tell you an easy method to tackle a lob shot. Take your wedge with maximum loft and set it up such that lower portion of your body is aligned slightly leftwards of your target. The clubface should be pointing at it.

  • Hinge the left wrist
  • Hold the golf club gently, and attempt to hold it gently throughout your swing. It will enable you to make a motion of free flow. Hinge the left wrist prominently while you take your club back till the time your hands come to the height of your hips. You want the shaft of the club to point to the sky.

  • Stay smooth
  • When you are taking the downswing, you can feel like you want to let the golf club virtually drop to the ground. You can call it like you need to have dead arms and hands. It is like gravity is dragging the head of the club down to the golf ball rather than you attempting to force it. You can do it as you turn your body easily towards your target. You will be able to slide the face of the club under the golf ball for a soft and high shot.

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