Professional Golfer's Method For Improving Long Game Consistency

Correct posture and weight transfer are important

Are you aware about the differences in the game of an amateur and a professional golfer? The professional golfers are in the habit of regular practice that help them develop consistent golf skills for the long-term. They also have a great control over the ball and are good at calculation the precision about how much distance the ball travels on the golf green.

Weight Transfer

The correct amount of weight transfer helps you develop golf skills that you can play comfortably and even for a long time. Weight transfer generally helps you arrive at a stable position following the downswing. Avoid hip movements sideways because, when you take the backswing, your shoulders turn towards the right side; hence, the weight is transferred from your hips towards your right. Similarly, when you take the downswing, the body weight must be more on the left part of your body and you must lean towards the left side of your target line.

Ball position

You must relax your entire body when you are about to strike at the golf ball. Proper stance of playing consistent golf shots is to keep your body aligned with the central position of the ball.

When you place the ball far from your body, entire weight will be placed on the toes, whereas if you place it too close to your body, the weight will be concentrated on the heels. The ball should be placed in the middle of your stance in order to get a perfect shot.


You must have a moderate grip on the golf club. Both thumbs must be placed above one another in order to get a good grip. Secondly, at address, your hands must be aligned with your shoulders and you must bend your knees slightly in order to hit the perfect drive.

Shorter backswing

You must stand tall and develop a good angle of attack if you wnt to play golf shots consistently. If you are using a short club, you must keep the club head close to your feet; otherwise, if you are using a long club, the club head must be placed far with your feet wide apart.

When you are using a long wedge, the ball covers greater distance, and the ball position in the middle of your stance delivers a shorter backswing.

Physical fitness

Any sport demands physical fitness as a key to maintain consistency. Golf involves sound physical as well as mental health. For playing consistent golf, you must exercise regularly for at least 20 minutes every day. You may take a brisk walk or lift light weights to maintain a stable weight and develop stamina.


Practice makes a man perfect. A golfer must adopt a regular practice routine comprising several golf shots that he or she wants to improve. Even if you have learnt the basics, you must practice those shots to master them and play on any type of course layout.

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