Top 5 Effective Short Game Tips For Senior Golfers

Unlike regular golfers, senior golfers have a hard time at the golf course. Since they are elderly, they are more prone to injuries and may even hurt themselves while playing. They may also experience pain in their body at the end of the day or the next morning, when they have played a game of golf the previous day.

However, by following the below mentioned tips, senior golfers can play golf easily and effectively, and thus improve their short game. These short game techniques and fundamentals for senior golfers focus on pitching, shots, and chipping around the fairway.

  1. Make a wedge chart
  2. In order to improve the accuracy of your shot, you must maintain a wedge chart. This chart will contain information about how far you hit your clubs while using certain types of swings. For this, you must take a pencil and notebook along with you to the practice ground or range, whenever you go the next time to play your short game. Make use of your pitching wedge and take around 10 balls to practice your short game.

  3. Move the golf ball back a bit from your posture
  4. Keep the golf ball a little back from your regular setup stance, so that you are more likely to hit a draw. But this should only be done when the ground is hard and dry and the conditions are warm. This way, the ball will take a shorter flight and come out a bit lower. Nevertheless, you get a big distance boost along with a roll.

  5. Move your right foot
  6. You must move your right foot in order to prevent swaying your body while you swing. This is especially for senior golfers who have a very stiff body. If your hip flexibility is good, you must not move your right foot. This means your foot would face in the forward direction and your hip should be in a neutral position.

  7. Strengthen your grip
  8. You should strengthen your grip on the club, so that your short game is fully powered. By tightening your grip on your club, you can increase the power of your game and draw the golf ball a tad more. This is especially for senior golfers who want to power their short game and who have a stiff body. This way your ball flight will also improve. For this, you just have to slightly rotate your hands on the golf club.

  9. Balance your swing
  10. In order to play an effective short game, you must balance your swing as well as your posture. Make sure that your body movement is balanced and the base from which you move is correct. While you make a golf swing, your shoulders will rotate highly. Therefore, ensure that your stance is wide apart from your shoulder, that is, your feet width should be adjusted properly, making it wider than your shoulders.

These tips will surely help you to improve your short game, especially if you are an elder golfer.

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