How To Have A Proper Setup When Hitting An Iron Golf Shot

Getting the basics right

Hitting a clean and crisp iron golf shot is not a difficult task, when you know how to do the right set up. Most often, you find that the shots get off your toe or just slip through the back part of the golf greens. Without a proper set up, it is not possible to get the right iron shots. The secret here is the set up takes only a few seconds to do.

Shoulder width

Use your shoulder width as a guide. Make sure the feet should be shoulder width away from each other and ensure they are not too narrow or wide. This will make sure your balance is intact.

Feet position

You should point your toes out in such a way they are at about 70 degrees angulation at address. This will help you have a strong base for swinging and your turn will be good as you swing.

Stable stance

Make sure the front or left side is stable like when you are leaning on a wall for support. This provides balance and prevents shoulder tipping or swaying. Your backswing and takeaway too are made easier this way, so you are in a good position while at top.

Hand position

It is not good to keep your hands behind or in proper line with the ball, while at address. Many players do this common and big mistake. The proper way for your hand position is to keep it in before the ball, while setting up and comeback to this position on impact. This is also called as making the shaft lean nearer the target. To become a pro at your iron shot, this hand position is vital.

Head position

While the hand and feet positioning are focussed on, most golfers neglect the head positioning. But a proper head position can make a big difference between hitting a great iron shot or a shot that thins out over the backside of the green.

The head should point just behind the ball and should be away from target at a small angle. When your head is positioned in the right way, your body will be behind your golf ball. This will pave the way for solid contact, while you hit down and via the ground.

For a perfect and solid iron shot, which is important for distance control, hitting down on the ball and compressing it between the club face and ground is must. The backspin produced this way along with the loft of the club helps in a stronger rise of the ball.

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