Top 4 Swing Drills That Can Help You Score Lower

Practice with drills and improve your score for sure

We often come across the term “drills” in golf. What does this term mean? Drills are actually the activities which are used by golfers to sharpen their skills of hitting shots. Drills also inject enjoyment into practice sessions. They are also used to address the flaws in swings and develop a consistent swing. The strategy on-course is also improved. We have mentioned a few drills here which will help you to lower your score.

Angle of spine

The key to make a good rotation, you must have a good angle of your spine. Many golfers commit the mistake of moving their body up and down while they take a swing and try to adjust the angle of spine. To develop a spine angle, you can grab two tour sticks and make one stick stand in the course directly on your back. Lay the second stick on the course parallel to the line of target. When you address the ball, make an angle such that the stick behind you should brush up against your back. The stick should be there to brush you up throughout the total time you take for the downswing and backswing. If you do not feel the stick at any moment, you might have adjusted your angle of spine.

Reduce tension in the swing

You should reduce tension in the swing and make it freer. If you tense up at the address, a very quick swing is caused. The poor tempo makes the swing lose accuracy and speed. The 1-2-3 drill is the solution to this problem. Position a golf ball on the course, when you take your stance, the club should be 2 feet far from the ball. Now take a full swing for practice. Move a step ahead and maintain a distance of 1 foot from the golf ball. Take another swing tension free. Position the club at the back of the ball and take a last swing and make a good impact at the ball.

Rotate the hips

Try to rotate the hips and do not slide them through the downswing. The sliding of hips make the lower body gets out of synchronization with your arms. You can picture a wall to the left of the front foot. When you take a swing, finish the swing with the belt buckle pressed against this wall. It will make the left leg stay firm and the upper body will rotate properly during the downswing.

Plane drill

In this drill, we will work on your swing plane. Position two tour sticks in the course and they should be 6 feet apart from each other and their angle of positioning should be in consistency with the angle of the golfclub. This will create a peripheral vision for you so that you can place your club at a particular angle at the midway point of your backswing. Remember that you do not have to touch these tour sticks with your golf club. If that happens, you are moving your golfclub more than it is required from out to in or in to out.

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