How To Make Pure Contact With The Ball While Chipping

There are a lot of players who do not know how to chip the ball appropriately. This is an incredible fete, considering that the chip is one of the most important shots in the game, one that will guarantee you better scores when you know how to use it. As long as you are willing to learn a thing or two about the chip, you will be able to get the best out of your game so far. Chipping is not really as difficult as most people often think it is. It is all about getting the best, or let’s say pure contact with the ball, for you to send it in the right direction.

But how do you make sure that you do this? Most of us are not even sure that there is something like making pure contact with the ball. To them, as long as you can hit the ball, you are good to go. It is not that simple, it is a process, a process that will at times even have nothing to do with contact. After all, hitting the ball is a process, one that has so much to do with your body, than anything else. If you follow the tips that we will share with you herein, there is nothing that will stop you from having an easier experience with the game altogether:

  • It starts with the club
  • Hold a good grip
  • Strike down on the ball

It starts with the club

Everything that you will do in order to get the best contact on the ball will start with the club that you choose so far. Make sure that you have a 9 or an 8 iron for this shot.

Hold a good grip

Get a good grip on the club. Hold it firmly and make sure that even as you are making the swing, you do not lose your hold on the grip. There is nothing more important than this. If you falter on the grip, you will surely have to struggle in the process.

Strike down on the ball

You are supposed to strike down on the ball, for you to make perfect contact with it. Striking down on the ball will help you get the ball properly, instead of scooping it with the club. This is also a very good way of ensuring that the ball does not elevate, and as a result you will end up with a good chip shot.

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